A few months removed from the 2016 Olympic Games I’ve finally put words to a page on my time in Rio. Off the bat — and to keep things to the point if this is all you read — it’s hard to call 2016 anything short of successful. From a performance perspective, we saw incredible results and in the case of Canadian and New Zealand OCs, near record medal hauls. Great Britain… Read More

This article was originally published in Idealog Magazine and is co-authored by Nathan Rose of Value my Venture.  Funding projects or companies through a crowd has a longer history than you might think. The Statue of Liberty was partly funded by thousands of people throwing money into donation buckets, gold mining prospects in 19th century New Zealand were often financed by offers of stock, and vast networks of railroads during the industrial revolution… Read More

It’s no secret that for me, major sporting events (like World Cups and the Olympic Games) mean erratic sleeping patterns, constantly waking up/scaring those around me by yelling at the TV, and even more time spent trawling Twitter. At Team PledgeMe a few of us have been relegated to a #sportsball channel on Slack for intra-office communications on the subject matter. The Rugby World Cup is over. This makes me sad. The main reason… Read More

I have two homes and I like them a lot. Both places are (historically) recognised for the people they create and the way they conduct themselves. Generation after generation. They are Canada & New Zealand and I’m fortunate to see and feel their similarities daily. Sometimes I’m requested (read: demanded) to explain where home really is given I’ve now lived in New Zealand for 5 days short of 5 years (knowing this makes more sense in… Read More

It usually pays to plan ahead (by usually I mean pretty much always). While travelling last year after the World Cup & Gringoing around Peru I didn’t plan at all… and it worked out great. Case and point was when John & I stumbled across $499 flights from Sao Paulo to Paris with a catch: we had to spend a week in Morocco. Given neither of us had been to Morocco/Africa before we were pretty into it. Then… Read More

A social enterprise is an organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being — this may include maximising social impact rather than profits for external shareholders. I love social enterprises. I tend to care more about companies which have three bottom lines instead of one: people, planet and profit. The thing about social enterprises is they’re different — this scares a lot of people. Social enterprises challenge… Read More

There was no fooling about it on 1 April 2014 when the Government legislated changes permitting equity crowdfunding as an additional framework of capital raising and investing for Kiwis. Equity Crowdfunding was a USD $1.1 billion industry globally in 2014 (a growth of 182% year-on-year) and places New Zealand in the unique position of being on the forefront of this sector in many ways. One year and one week into this uncharted… Read More

What was your highlight of: last summer? 2014? the last five years? What are you looking forward to most: next summer? in 2015? in the next five years? Your answers to these questions are likely to involve doing something rather thanbuying something as popularised more than a decade ago by Psychologists Leaf Van Boven and Thomas Gilovich in their paper “To Do or to Have? That Is the Question.” A recent paper… Read More