World Cup’s most well travelled tickets.

I left Auckland on the 11 May, and conveniently two days later my 2014 World Cup tickets arrived in New Zealand. Spending the first few days of my trip in Australia it was close enough to have them on hand before heading east for the Americas. A coworker of mine was kind enough to overnight them to Sydney before I left. It was a huge relief to finally have them (albeit, with minutes to spare before heading to Kingsford).

This relief was short-lived. I realised my tickets were still safely stowed in a bag of my extra gear headed back to Vancouver with friends visiting me in LA as I boarded a plane for Chicago. Perfect.

After arriving in Brazil I was somewhat fortunate to be in the same boat as John, who left Victoria in early May and was about to have his sent down to him. A quick courier from Vancouver to Victoria and mine were safely added to his important parcel to be sent.

On the eve of the World Cup it arrived – order restored.

In summary, the tickets were dispatched in Rome, flew to Auckland, were forwarded on to Sydney and carried to LA (via Beijing), brought back to Canada and finally sent down to Salvador – 52,081kms as the crow flies (for reference, Earth’s circumference is 42,075km).

I challenge anyone to put together a sillier set of numbers than this.

Many thanks to Rachel, Sam, and Roy/Min for sending these tickets on. I owe you all a drink the next time we’re face-to-face.

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