Lençois, Pati Valley and the Chapada Diamantina.

After a few weeks in Brazil spent exclusively in beach towns/cities Tim and I decided it was worth a quick trip to inland Bahia prior to the World Cup kick off. We left the rest of the lads in Recife for Salvador by plane, then caught a 7 hour bus to a town called Lençois. Once known around the world for its diamond mining the town now relies almost exclusively on tourism as its economy.

There were a lot of travellers who had been in Lençois for a while by the time we met them and when asked how long they’d been in town for most were unable to pinpoint anything definitive “we’ve been here for, um, about ten days… no maybe two weeks… actually I’m not sure…” But, after a day I could see why – there are so many single and multi-day hikes in the Chapada Diamantina coupled with a vibrant and tidy small town feel I could easily have planted myself there for and undetermined amount of time.

The two of us were on a bit of a time constraint with the World Cup starting the next week and we were amped to find a guide and get out into the park for a few days. Long story short we did just that, we found an awesome (and slightly crazy) guide named Marcelo (who sometimes goes by Mougli – after watching the video it’ll make sense why) who took us on a two night three day trek through the Pati Valley. We were also very fortunate to connect with the right people and had a wicked crew of six of us – two Canadians, two Americans, a Costa Rican and a German who made the hike even better.

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Pati Valley, Chapada Diamantina Brasil.

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Here’s a video of photos and clips from our hike. For anyone in Brazil, or thinking about coming here, put this on your list.

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