Flying by the seat of your pants. Morocco.

I’ve spent the last few months of my trip essentially winging it. Never booking the next stage of my trip before completing the most recent. Be it travel by plane, train, bus or… camel?

With a return deadline to NZ approaching quickly I conducted some heavy research on options back. Counter intuitively, from Eastern South America the cheapest option was via Europe and after scanning some flights/routes I came across a suspiciously cheap flight from São Paulo to Paris (via Morocco). With another friend of mine looking at a similar timeframe on leaving South America for Europe he looked into it further and found a way to break up the flight at no extra cost – so we did, giving us a week in Morocco.

Morocco has always been on my radar as an incredible place to travel but it was never part of the plan on this trip. Fast forward to the end of September and the two of us found ourselves reuniting at the São Paulo Airport in the wee hours of the morning after going separate ways post-World Cup to catch a flight onwards to a new country and continent for the both of us.

Morocco is unlike anywhere else I’ve seen or been and going to an ex-French colony with a 99% Muslim population after almost five months in South America was a culture shock, to say the least.

We had another good friend who met us in Morocco for a pretty full on week. Going from Casablanca to Marrakech then onwards south for a 3-day trek which extended down to the Sahara Desert – and included camels and sleeping in tents in the desert.

After returning to Marrakech from our trek we decided to unwind by having a night out at Le Bar Churchill, which renamed itself to celebrate one if their most loyal customers – Winston Churchill. After a very long three days it was exactly what we were after – world class cocktails and entertainment. It was the perfect evening to cap off a very unplanned visit to Morocco.

After this I head to Paris to catch up with a good friend of ours who’s been living in the city for a couple of years before heading onwards to Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden to catch up with friends, new and old.

I know this flying by the seat of your pants story sounds very similar to what comes from a gamblers mouth after a winning big. I have definitely had a few wins and losses on the board by winging it – but this was a big win and a very cool, and unexpected, week in Morocco.

On, on.

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