I miss Canada

I have two homes and I like them a lot.

Both places are (historically) recognised for the people they create and the way they conduct themselves. Generation after generation.

They are Canada & New Zealand and I’m fortunate to see and feel their similarities daily.

Sometimes I’m requested (read: demanded) to explain where home really is given I’ve now lived in New Zealand for 5 days short of 5 years (knowing this makes more sense in a minute).

There is no single answer to this question but here’s a somewhat defining day. Four years ago during the 2011 Rugby World Cup my two homes played one another. The outcome was inevitable and our support was obvious throughout.


This year a few Canadians lost the right to vote in the 2015 Federal Election (by a few I mean 1.4 million or ~ 4% of Canadians). These are Canadians who have resided outside of Canada for greater than five years.

Although theoretically, I am still within this window… practically, I am not. In order to vote I was required to provide very convoluted evidence of an impending (and permanent) return to Canada. Something I cannot commit to – now or ever.

I’m not here to grandstand about the details of overseas citizens voting in Canada’s Federal Elections.

This is yet another example of the self-serving policy changes Canadians have become used to by the current Conservative government.

As long as I’ve been around Canadians have been known for being honest, kind, and respectful people. These days when you read the news – we don’t act like that. We disregard global policy out of misguided self-interest. We back out of current obligations and avoid new ones.

Canadians haven’t changed, its leadership has.

I miss the old Canada.

I miss the Canada I grew up in.

Today is hopefully the day of change I’ve been waiting to see for the (five days short of) five years I have loved you from afar. Make the right call today Canada, it’s time.



Will Stewart

Canadian citizen & big fan of the place (even if I can’t really vote anymore)


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