How athletics intertwines in our lives

I laughed to myself this morning as I pulled on my kit to go for a run.

The last time I wore these spandex was when I was still running at UBC.

This followed on to the realization of how long ago that really was.

Then I noticed the shirt I had pulled on told another story. The all black with a silver fern swag took me back to the years I spent working at Athletics New Zealand.

Then the final ‘holy shit’ moment came when I locked the door of an apartment on loan from a great friend and fellow UBC Alumni this week while I’m in Toronto.

This is just a snapshot of how Athletics has molded my life, with UBC Track & Field playing a major part. The connections, times, and experiences (and mileage) has extended far beyond four years of eligibility.

Next week, Beyond the Finish Line will be hosting an evening to celebrate the coaches who positively impacted so many of us. I’m gutted I won’t be there and would be if the distance was closer.


The dinner will be held 12 January 6-9:30 on campus at the Cecil Green Park House.

If you haven’t bought a ticket I urge you to grab one and make it along to what will be such a great evening to catch up and relive the glory days — whether you were a sprinter dick, a distance freak or did that field stuff.

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