Our Clinton Hill Sublet

Hey NYC fam — hope you and all of yours are keeping safe out there in these wild ass times 😐

Never thought we’d be whitelisting a blog post to share a room sublet, but due to what’s going on we’re only really speaking to people “within our networks” rather via the more traditional channels in posting this sublet!

Our roommate has just been let go of her job and is moving home to Long Island, which means our epic & sunny 3BR/1.5ba top floor apartment has a room coming vacant.

The apartment itself is in Clinton Hill – 2min from the Classon G stop. Getting into Manhattan takes 10-20min via A/C or L & we have citibike stations a block away in all four directions! (Also, when things go back to normal, we do have a ton of restaurants and bars & cafes all within walking distance).

Here are some photos of the room:

Here are some random photos from the roof, etc:

Here are some photos of the common spaces:

In terms of roommates, only one of three of us are currently even home for the next couple of months (I’m in Canada waiting on a visa for a new job and (my girlfriend) Sam is down in Australia until the borders open up again). Kirsty is the lone soldier holding down the fort at the moment. Here’s a bit more about each of us:

Kirsty: heads up the marketing for a super cool tech company called AirTime (founded by Sean Parker). It’s an app that lets you watch shows together with friends when you’re not physically in the same place (it’s basically built for this pandemic and has been pretty exciting to see take off over the past couple of months!)

Sam: works in HR for Global Health Strategies, an agency that focuses on health communication (a client is WHO so they’re pretty busy at the moment). She’s doing her job from Sydney until the borders re-open — which is all up in the air at the moment 😦

Will: my background is in tech and I’m to be starting a new advisory role in that space for NZTE. I moved to NYC four years ago and have lived in this apartment ever since — I love this place & this part of the city. I’m going to be in Canada for however long it takes to get my visa sorted, but after that will be mostly based in San Francisco and back here about a week each month (essentially for anyone looking for a long-term place it’ll be mostly 3 people living in the apartment once we go back to normal life).

Right now though, we’re excited to connect with anyone who is looking for a safe and comfortable place to live (flexible length). All of us have been ruthlessly self-isolating and working from home for about a month — and are looking for someone approaching this moment in time with a similar vein.

Even with four of us working from home recently we are SO fortunate to have a lot of space (both personal and shared). Each room has space for a desk, we have a big stand up workspace in the kitchen (with a monitor) and the lounge is massive with two full couches (plus we use the roof as well since the wifi still works for us up there).

If you’re interested in chatting the easiest will be to fire me a Direct Message on Instagram & we can jump on a call or text from there.






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