In late 2016 โ€” which in start up years, was approximately 100 years ago โ€”ย I dropped into Chicago for a few daysย toย chat-Snap at Social Media Week & grab a few slices of deep dish (can confirm, both are a great time). Anna Russett was one of the SMW speakers, and was the most on to it when it came to Storytelling.ย Anna hosted a session about How Snapchat is Redefining Traditional Media. The… Read More

We all have those weird moments that cause you to stop for a second and think. I had that this morning โ€” 1 January 2018 โ€” when my MetroCard was out of juice and wouldn’t reload. Much to my frustration after attempting to reload it on two machines I realized somethingโ€ฆ Iโ€™ve been in New York long enough now that my card expired. Yay me for never losing a MetroCard Wait, what?… Read More