IÔÇÖve spent the last few months of my trip essentially winging it. Never booking the next stage of my trip before┬ácompleting the most recent. Be it travel by plane, train, bus orÔÇŽ camel? With a return deadline to NZ approaching quickly I conducted some heavy research on options back. Counter intuitively, from Eastern South America the cheapest option was via Europe and after scanning some flights/routes I came across a suspiciously cheap… Read More

I left Auckland on the 11 May, and conveniently two days later┬ámy 2014 World Cup tickets arrived in New Zealand. Spending┬áthe first few┬ádays of my trip in Australia it was close enough to have┬áthem on hand┬ábefore heading east for the Americas. A coworker of mine was kind enough to overnight them to Sydney before I left. It was a huge relief to finally have them (albeit, with minutes to spare before heading… Read More